Summer Fruits Wedding Cake



P1140025 P1140037 P1140028 P1140034 P1140036I am in fact on holiday in Edinburgh  at the moment, but this is a cake I delivered on the day before I left. I was working from a picture and it features four tiers  of un-iced (or nude ooh la la) Victoria sponge, layered with vanilla buttercream and adorned with an array of summer fruits. The redcurrants are from my sister in law’s auntie’s garden, would you believe, because they could not be found at the market, not even for ready money.

The flowers were an escapade of their own. to begin with I didn’t know what variety was required. I was informed that they were peonies , so I trotted off to the florists and ordered said flowers, or if they were out of season then a variety of ‘fluffy’ rose that looked like peonies. Low and behold the florist gives me these, exquisitely un -peonies-like roses. Hey hum, I think, these aren’t what I asked for but they are beautiful and I was given enough autonomy ( thank the lord) with the order that the client wouldn’t mind. I wanted to put the whole decorated cake in the fridge, so I asked mildly if I might refrigerate the flowers. I was told NO not on any account THAT WILL CERTAINLY KILL THEM. I nodded my head and wandered out, but hang on, I thought aren’t florist vans just huge fridges on wheels? I did a bit of the old googling and as it turns out, yes, you can in fact put roses in the fridge, it PRESERVES them. So I did and the flowers, you will be glad to learn did not meet an untimely death, so I don’t really know what the florist was going on about. Are there roses that die in the fridge?

Love love, Kiss kiss and all that,




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3 Responses to Summer Fruits Wedding Cake

  1. Oh ! What a delicious looking cake !! 🙂

  2. What a stunner – well done. I’ve not done a naked cake yet but think they look amazing and so summery x

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