Gardening Fail

gardening fail

Only yesterday I was telling my sister in law in an email that I am no renowned gardener. I do grow chillies, but only with minimal effort (say ‘shit, shit, shit’ and run to water them after a week of drooping) and honestly I consider it some kind of miracle when fruits actually appear.

But just incase I WAS feeling some kind of delusion of green fingered grandiose, I did something dreadful today to nip it in the bud.

I was giving the kitchen a good clean down, I’d done the hob, the surfaces and the floor and in the interests of being really thorough  I turned my attention to the plants on the windowsill. I took up the little green bushy thing (Latin name) and did a bit of vigorous dead heading. It looked much better.THEN I decided that the beautiful, probably quite expensive purple orchid with a good five or six flowers on it and sentimental value to boot, would benefit from my sheers of helpfulness. I decided to reach across and snip off the unsightly and no doubt nutrient draining dead leaf at the base of the plant. It was a bit tougher than I thought it was going to be, but those leaves are thick I thought, and then to my horror the entire stork with its marvelous head of flowers keeled over onto my arm.

Thats right, I CUT THE WHOLE ORCHID OFF. I feel like a criminal against nature, similar to someone who steels bird eggs or kicks badgers for fun, just awful.


In the market for a new orchid,



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