I am terrible about lunch, I really have no idea what I should eat, I can do dinner and high tea and breakfast (well with breakfast if I’m honest is prepared for me by supermarket chains in cereal and instant porridge). But Lunch I got nothing.

For years I ate a sandwich at school, when I got to Sixth form I had packet pasta things or salads and after roughly twelve years of sandwiches I’m not that fond of them. And its harder to make lunch because a lot of my seminars and lectures tend to centre around midday and afternoon, so I usually have soups at uni with toast (which I buy readymade because I’m lazy). It is useful for getting a certain amount vegetable matter in me apart from salad. Now we’re supposed to eat 7 pieces of fruit and veg and they also have to be of various colours to get the full complement of vitamins and etc. I struggled to get 5 a day. at best I got 5 a week. I am particularly unhealthy especially as I don’t like many fruits especially apples we always have granny smiths and they are so acidic even the smell sets my teeth on edge. Vegetables actually I lap up I have never had a problem eating veg even as a child I adored broccoli and cauliflower (provided we don’t let my great aunt cook any in the manner of times gone by when it’s mainly water) Except carrots, they have a tendency to make me retch. Sorry but its true, I have no idea why.

So why I am telling you all this? I made a cool lunch and I feel really proud of myself. I saw a picture of an avocado on an advert a couple of days and I just really wanted one. And then I did a little searching to find what goes well with avocado and what is in our freezer, we had pitta bread and home made (oven) dried tomatoes in the freezer and I found they went well together. So I made this… 



I ended up with a sort of pitta bread plate because opening them didn’t open very well, half an avocado, sliced, with dried tomato and a couple of boiled eggs and chunky cucumber. With three chopped strawberries in a little dish, which go quite well with avocado themselves intriguingly. I have actually spared thought to designing this meal so I can nibble at it throughout the afternoon. And having made my way through half of it whilst writing this I can tell you its really nice.

So that is my working lunch as I power on through a translation a Three and Fifty Instruments of Chirurgery with truly diabolical techniques, instruments and recipes. I was reading part of it on the train going to Scotland and the lady sitting next me sort moved very subtly away when I turned over a page and there were all these old medical instruments drawn which look very much like torture instruments that I was happily annotating.

To round off I’m going to have a banana get some yellow vitamins in there. Though that might be after dinner now I think on it hmmm…

au revoir



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