The Curse of the Sweet Peas

The last two days I have been sniffing and sneezing constantly, if my head fell off I would feel perfectly fine, hay fever has struck with an almighty vengeance. I have now discovered the culprit to my suffering and the reason I wake up with sneezing fits. A large bunch of sweet peas, this large bunch to be precise placed in the kitchen by my Mum.

Public Enemy Number 1

Public Enemy Number 1

This lot absolutely pong to high heaven, to use a phrase from the Navy Lark “like the biggest bunch of sweet violets you ever saw”. It is a bit of a pity because I have now exiled tem to the garden table, and they looked lovely in the kitchen window. If any of you are thinking silly girl, why hasn’t she just taken a hay fever tablet? I already have, but unfortunately the allergy has already taken hold and isn’t willing to let go. However, I now feel a bit like Sherlock Holmes for having figured out the strange  powerful, overly sweet smell, a little like pineapples, that has assailed me for two days. Although as it is only sweet peas perhaps I’m more like Basil of Baker Street…

au revoir



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