Week 28 of the Doodles: Take #2

Hopefully if you are reading this, the magical wonders of wordpress will have successfully posted this even though I’m not here I’m in a field in the Malvern’s. If this hasn’t happened and you are reading this post then you’ve hacked into our blog and as such deserve to go on the naughty step and miss out on pudding for a week. 

Unlike everyone else I seem to live in an age before cameras, so when I go on holiday or to places I rarely take pictures I choose the much longer and more laborious process of drawing what I’m seeing. Why? I have absolutely no idea, my holiday ‘snaps’ of Edinburgh consist of slightly sketchy drawings. 

But dear Gwen did give some very good entertainment one night when trying to use a hand held fan, when attempting to open it she failed dismally and simply threw on it on the floor with gusto. So I drew this… 

Despairing of Gwen

Despairing of Gwen

au revoir



About Gwen and Elinor

Two bloging buddies who love tea and biscuits.
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