Gwen’s Musical Selections

Category: Only on Youtube

Artist: Regina Spektor

Good For: Bellowing a chorus for your neighbors to hear.

Comments: I’m a long time fan of the Reginasourus, and sometimes I forget about her catalog of live performances on youtube only to re discover them. I know this is a pretentious fan thing to say, but I genuinely think some of her dodgy fan recordings are better than some of the songs that actually made it onto her last album.

Category: It was Free God Dam It!

Artist: Augustines

Good For: Bobbing about hoping no one can see you. (Also freeness)

Comments: I found it for free on amazon, it sounds a bit U2ish to begin with, I think my Dad will like this too.

Category: All Sad and Mopey and Beautiful

Artist: Patrick Cassidy

Good For: When you want to feel floaty and alone, like a net curtain.

Comments: I think it’s the beatitudes in Gaelic.

Well those are my pics, if you have a pic then leave it in the comments and I will listen keenly with both my ears.


ps. If you want more professional music talk, then look at this blog.


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One Response to Gwen’s Musical Selections

  1. For only on youtube: Lady Gaga’s acoustic versions. She actually has an incredible voice but I think its often hidden in all the wacky, razzzle-dazzle of her recorded stuff.

    It was free God damn it: a bit of a cheat because it was only free because I nabbed it off my brothers mp3 player back in the day – Missing Andy. I really love their stuff (and I just checked spotify and realised they have another two albumns out so I will get on that.

    All Sad and Mopey and Beautiful: Uhm, weird one but Photograph by Nickelback always makes me feel a bit sad. A more traditionally beautiful and mopey one would be Woodstock by Joni Mitchell, particularly the travelogue version with a full band.

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