Week 30 of the Doodles: Take #2

I’m the teensiest bit annoyed right now, I got up this morning and was really resolved I was going to work today, and I got up at 9 to do it and I did for the first two hours I went through all my notes I’d made in May and post it noted them saying what the line of argument was and what page this stopped on. And then I had a bit of a break until 12 and went down stairs to make lunch and Dad came home. He’d left and said “I’ll be back at 8” so 12 o’clock I thought hmm this is new way to tell time.

It’s Friday, and Dad had forgotten, its Mah Jong tonight, the tile game he and his friends play and once a month he and his friends meet at one of their houses and cook up and big meal and play Mah Jong. They haven’t played in about 6 months, so Dad had forgotten and was feverishly pulling stuff out of the freezer trying to find a meal. I offered to help thinking yeah ok I’ll a chop a few bits up and put some stuff in the oven, why I thought that I don’t know. But I ended up writing down all the cooking instructions of what to add to this stew after the first half hour while Dad was defrosting the meat in the microwave and then he kept thinking of more stuff to add into this stew and then it would fit in the casserole bowl.

So I started the first half of my lunch at 12 I didn’t finish it till half 2. I couldn’t settle back into work as I had to get up again and turn down the oven and add a few more things. By that point I’d lost all motivation, I’m not good at working between 2 and 4 in the afternoon anyway, and now I was in the rut of watching vlogs and feeling slightly sick from the salt wash I have to do to my  mouth I did not do much more than highlight the most obvious first sentences. And then adding to this, my Godfather and my brothers Godfather arrive and Dad is not here so I make coffee and have a chat with them. A very good excuse of how I couldn’t possibly do work today at all. But my big plan was I would work all day stop in the early evening, finish this weeks doodle and upload it feeling I had done good.

Wild Hairy Haggis chatting with Nessie

Wild Hairy Haggis chatting with Nessie

Yes this is cheesy in the extreme, but hell I drew this on holiday after meeting a wild hairy haggis myself. They are most interesting creatures I assure you 😉

au revoir







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