Mandy Malone…

Mandy Malone flicked through the bible and soon got the general jist, she decided that on Monday week she’d be a door to door evangelist, the maximise the rewards of her good and noble cause and what with all the walking, to knock on all those doors, she bought a pair of slimming trainers that promised to reduce the circumference of her calves by at least half as long as she walked with a peculiar gate and watched what she ate for the next couple of years.

But hang on, after only two weeks her money would be gone, and taking into account the horrible affliction of her clinical addiction to watrose organic humus, there was only one thing to be done; she joined Avon.

She now can be fond if you look around the west midlands area, dealing with the leerier customers, selling her Jesus Tweezers for those unruly and unconverted brows, telling the story of the Israelites whilst slipping her arms into a pair of tights, 30 denier but very plush, self cooling (YOU wouldn’t want a burning bush), don’t groan, you haven’t met Mandy Malone. Her faith you could not chafe she sees through you like a cellophane wraith, disbelief bounces off her gleaming teeth which she brushes with those fluoride mushes, reciting the psalms and exercising her arms, well, one arm, so half as many (she uses a toothbrush weight to make it heavy)…

I sometimes experiment with this  ‘stream of conciseness style’,it’s a residue from a course I took once upon a time, you start with a sentence and then carry one wherever your brain may take you, and since this one turned out rhyming I thought I would post it. I try not to have a plan, I let something, however small pop into my head, and then write whatever comes after, you don’t have to worry about punctuation if you don’t want to, or sticking to any format,it’s just meant to be a bit ‘o’ fun really. You should give it a try though, because you never know where you will end up, and if you do find yourself somewhere nice, tell me about it in the comments, because I would like to know.



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Two bloging buddies who love tea and biscuits.
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