A Thought on Adult Life

Having FINALLY been paid for my work poll clerking, I was supposed to be paid on August 26th its now September 16th, so apart from waiting for that for ages so I can now buy some things I need, books for third year and my dissertation, my share of the internet bill and as I was bringing the TV for next years house I’m sorting out the TV license.

Oh good grief do they try and rip you off if you pay monthly or weekly it seems, if I’d have gone for that option I would have ended up paying close to 15 months TV license for only living in a house for eight months its ridiculous. I have hopefully figured out how to do this as cheaply as possible…I think.

Right now back to packing 😦

au revoir



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One Response to A Thought on Adult Life

  1. cakeboxfox says:

    I think if you’re a student, you can get a Tv License refund if you’re not going to be in your house over the summer months- it’s probably on their website with all the T&C’s, but you get £40 back at the end of the summer. Hope it helps!

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