Week 31 of the Doodles: Take #2

I have been back two and half days and we’ve already had a commotion. One of my flatmates lock broke while she was in the room this morning and so she got locked in. We had to call the Landlady to try and open the door but the lock had jammed in the locked position so then we had call in someone to break down the door, now there’s a hole in her door where a sizeable section had to be beaten out with a hammer and chisel and the lock knocked off. To aid my stranded housemate I pushed Diam bars under the door during the wait for the Landlady.

That aside it has been fairly pleasant so far at the new house, its not perfect but then it is student accommodation but its sooo much batter than our old house the only snag really is the kitchen but we had a small kitchen in first year as well and we worked around that. It’s actually really novel to sit at the kitchen table and eat dinner at uni I am so used to last year just sitting on the kitchen worktop and eating off my lap.

As ever, there is a growing list of things I have forgotten or now need which I need my Dad to bring up  on Monday. No matter how much you prepare for this you can never manage to get everything you need. We’re also thinking about getting a table cloth to make the kitchen look nicer but we’re having a bit of difficulty gestimating the length.

New creatures in Lincoln

New creatures in Lincoln

The mice have somehow managed to send an expedition party, composed of Sweet, Smudge, Quaver and Munchies, to sneak into my luggage and find out where I was off to. I spotted them scampering about my desk earlier and they were most concerned by the new paper weight I have of a mouse stuffed with sand, I think Sweet drew the short straw and ended up being the one to approach the strange new creature.

au revoir



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