So I’m an Idiot

Today, I have been an idiot. Like hugely idiotic but technically in a completely unobtrusive way that no one else would have realised at all until I said something. And in saying something I decided to put it on the small corner of the internet I call home. This morning I woke up and it was 8:29 and I needed to leave by 8:35 so I was desperately getting ready and I’d turned down the radio because its on really loud as one of my alarms in the morning.

What does this have to do with me being an idiot? I heard this snippet “2.5 miles across, traveling at 40,000kph” and I’m quite sure I heard the word comet or asteroid or I made them up. And I really stopped and just thought is there something heading to earth? And then I’m British and its shows, I carry on regardless, and continued to rush around getting ready trying to calm myself down from panic thinking rationally On no account would they announce that on the radio so calmly and it wouldn’t have been the second to last news announcement. And then of course I decided well in the words of Tom Lehrer “We will all go together when we go” .

I should point out here that in the 15 minutes it took to get to uni I had definitely decided that it was unlikely that my suspicions were correct for that morning.

And as a nice break here, here is for your delectation and delight Tom Lehrer, this I realise is a massive insight into my music tastes on the blog. Tom Lehrer and the Worst Witch who’d’ve thunk it?

So yes I spent the first 15 minutes of my pondering whether we were about to do a replay of the dinosaurs. And thus avoided all reputable news systems including facebook and the BBC until I could be sure by gaging the reaction of Lincolners in the early morning rush hour and the students who were there early in the library. I didn’t tell anyone what I thought; partly because I didn’t want to ruin their day and partly because I really hoped I was wrong but at that point was too unwilling to look like an idiot and have it told to me the rest of the day.

Feelings of idiocy began to rise throughout the day but I still refused to check the news just in case and there wasn’t anyone in for half the day if it was announced and I would have no one to panic with. So I waited until 8:30pm to go on the BBC homepage, we landed a module thing on a comet. Having just told my housemate what I thought this morning and the reality of what was actually going on, I’m very glad I did not tell anyone today because she gave me this look which plainly and rightly said “You Idiot”.

It was an interesting way to spend the day, constantly thinking of reasons why I would have heard this half phrase on the radio in the morning and it gave me very interesting insight into my view of human psychology which is

  1. Anything like this we will just throw all of weapons at it, including water pistols.
  2. They really probably wouldn’t tell us . In the words of Sir Humphrey Appleby “Annihilation is bad enough without anarchy to make it even worse”.

My own view of my psychology I am far too prone to panic. I really need to work on that. And I need to wake up better in the mornings because I was still half asleep when I got up and I think that was a contributing factor.

And now back to work, again.

au revoir

Elinor (the monumentally stupid)

PS Just in case you were wondering I’m not usually given over to thinking the world is about to explode etc.


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2 Responses to So I’m an Idiot

  1. Naaaaah, you’re not an idiot. I’d call it “temporarily confused” and hand you a few custard creams. 🙂 And a cup of tea.

    I liked the Tom Lehrer video. (Is it coincidence that his last name means “teacher” in German?) He reminds me a lot of our piano-playing satirist Mark Russell. In fact, Tom was one of Mark’s inspirations.

    • Aww thank you. Yes I think I prefer “temporarily confused” as opposed to complete idiot. 🙂
      I didn’t know that about his last name, it’d be brilliant if it was because I know he was a mathematician before becoming a famous funny. I will have to look into Mark Russell

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