That Brownie

Some people like their brownies to be rich and truffle like in texture, I say leave it to chocolate truffles to be truffle like, they’ve got it covered. The truly great brownie, in my opinion, is gooey and chewy and obviously chocolaty. This is that brownie.

that Brownie

And just to rock the boat even more, I’ve added mint matchmakers to these bad boys for a bit of tingling goodness, I bloody love mint chocolate any day of the week, but you can really just add any chocolate sweets you like and see what happens.

You will need;
250g butter
75g coco powder
500g sugar
4 eggs
125g self raising flour
Tsp vanilla
Matchmakers or any other chocs you like (optional)


Gently MELT the butter in a saucepan. Weigh out the coco, sieve if necessary and STIR it into the butter. This will smell like heaven. Add the vanilla.


In a separate bowl BEAT together the sugar and eggs. Make sure the butter mix is cool and COMBINE the two mixes. Then gently FOLD in the flour and you have your brownie batter.


POUR the batter into a lined tin and if you like submerge some matchmaker chocolates into it. BAKE in the oven for 40 minutes at gas mark 4. Don’t over bake it, you ant it to be gooey and chewy when it cools.

Display ostentatiously on a plate with a dusting of icing sugar and a sprig of mint.




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One Response to That Brownie

  1. Oh man, I made brownies this week for the first time and they turned out sooooo good (if I say so myself 😉 These look very delish too, I might have to enter a brownie phase….

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