My To Be Read List

Those books of patient virtue that sit upon my shelf, just waiting for me to be in the mood for that kind of thing.


I am, I will confess, a bit free and willie nilly when it comes to buying books, one will not do when I’m out on a bookie bender in my local charity and secondhand shops. And why should it when the prices are that dam good? (Though to the shame of my thrift I did recently spend 8 quid on a new book that I’m sure I could have got for about 75p if I’d just rummaged in an Oxfam for long enough. I as feeling wild.)

And yet I endeavor to keep a handle on my TBR pile because I certainly don’t want stacks of books that will never get my attention, it seems nice and manageable at the moment, and here is what I’m looking forward to:


The Old Curiosity Shop- I bought this from a general corner/secondhand book shop in Scotland while on holiday. I wanted more Dickens than just Oliver Twist under my belt since I did enjoy that. The shop keeper said it was a good choice.


The Mysterious Island-I got this in a sale at the Works when I was feeling a bit bookless, it looks like a good adventure.


English Passengers- I got this in Malvern in the summer, I’ve go a bit of a thing for novels set at sea it seems.


The Winter Queen- This is the first of a detective series (gotta love them),a good friend of mine gave me another of the series a couple of years age because she loved it so much and I wanted to go back to the beginning and see how it all started.

Has anyone read these books? And what is in your to be read pile?

Love love, Kiss kiss and all that,



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Two bloging buddies who love tea and biscuits.
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