Biting Talk

Attack me with your biscuits,
Bring on your custard creams,
I’ve got the biggest appetite,
That Hampshire’s ever seen,

It’ll shock you to see this,
I can never be peevish,
Can’t be unhappy,
With crumbs in my cleavage,

I take a shortbread to the head,
And you leave me for dead,
I put my fingers to my temple,
And feel the tea I bled,
A sneak attack,
A single pack,
Of amour piercing,
Ginger snaps,

“You’re looking thin”,
You tell me coldly,
As you fondle all the,
But I’ve eaten biscuits when they’re mouldy,

You can’t fool me I’m a fig roll lover,
So grab your tin and dive for cover,
If Mcvities wrapped him,
I’d eat my brother,
Rich tea? 25p?
I think I’ll go on a shopping spree,
And wade in biscuits to the knee,

Lets play a sort of cops and robbers,
Only I’ll be the gob,
You be jammie dodgers,
I’m not flinching as those bourbons,
Are used to jab my vital organs,

But the final blow,
I could not take,
We’re civilised people,
For heaven’s sake,
Not even I would dunk,
A Jaffa cake.


About Gwen and Elinor

Two bloging buddies who love tea and biscuits.
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