Dolly Mix Cupcakes

More two tone cakes with a sweet topping.



Gwen x


About Gwen and Elinor

Two bloging buddies who love tea and biscuits.
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3 Responses to Dolly Mix Cupcakes

  1. Okay, so this one I had to look up since I’m not familiar with dolly mix. What flavors are these little candies on the tops of these gorgeous cupcakes? Wikipedia and Google don’t give much info.

    One looks like caramel, but I’m not sure about the others.

  2. Ummm… well they’re quite subtle flavours, they mainly taste like sweet fondant with the odd jelly sweet, but the brown ones are definitely chocolate. You always see these in the pic’n’mix at the cinema over here.
    Gwen x

  3. Lovely looking cakes as usual. You should do a video tutorial one day!
    Also, I have nominated you for both the Versatile Blogger Award and the Very Inspiring Blogger Award so, uhm, have a virtual blogging award from me!

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