Weeks…Oh Good Grief I can’t Remember… of the Doodles: Take #2

(Just a point I want to make I wrote this all yesterday but then I couldn’t get the pictures to download…grrr technology)

Yes the Friday four days after my exams have finished you’d think I’d produce at least one doodle on time having put yet another pause in it.

Well I went out drinking last night instead, now I’m not the only graduand in the house and some of my other housemates finished or had a long enough break to facilitate a drinkie or two we went out for cocktails. I had a rather lovely Lemon and Ginger Mojito, not to mention half a pint of perry in the pub earlier and then gin lemon and lime in another bar. I really thought I was going to drink more than that. But then we had McDonalds at 3am with chocolate milkshakes and that was most pleasant I assure you.

Ignoring my life as a social butterfly here are your doodles for Weeks 49 and 50. And a little sneaky peek at some gifts I’ve been doing for people on my course (I have been doing things in the last four days honest – not just watching youtube!).

Week 49 is the long awaited Anniversary doodle for the blog which I didn’t put up on the nearest Friday because it was travelling to Gwen’s abode and I thought she should be the first to see it not you lot. Unfortunately it going second class and from the first post box I could find perhaps wasn’t the best idea as I then didn’t know when it might arrive and received no confirmation. If you scroll down far enough on the blog page you’ll find the reference picture for this – right down to the skyline. Though the orange tent is in honour of the first tent we camped in.

Happy Anniversary Blog!

Happy Anniversary Blog!

Week 50 is again out of season. Hmm…nice weather for once and I draw winter pictures and rain, oops.

The thought amused me at 2 o'clock the other morning

The thought amused me at 2 o’clock the other morning

And the little sneak peek…

Shh! No telling

Shh! No telling

au revoir


P.S. Sorry these aren’t the nest quality the scanner and I are having words, these had to be snapped on my phone.


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