“They’re Stealing Our Dinosaur!!!”

Last Thursday Gwen and I went to London to visit the Natural History Museum and get lost on the underground. Once you know where you’re going its fine but its finding out you end up in a bit of bother and as there is no internet underground the rail company are forced to employ a load of very nice people to stand around and wait for the lost traveller with a small map of the underground. In the end we did end up asking travel advice off 7 people. But there is proof here that humans are as much needed as technology when you travel to a strange city and I am pleased to note the natives were friendly. 😉

Aside from a glorious day out (seriously Britain hit summer last Thursday- might have rebounded a little bit now but still) its a nice place to go the architecture is fantastic and I was frequently torn between photographing the columns and looking at an exhibit. It wasn’t all that busy either given how I remember it last time. Gwen and I also developed an interesting method of taking a photo in the main hall, the big glass cases are really reflective so to take a picture of the elephant bird egg Gwen and I were doing this interesting huddle together in this really warm building, in summer we were huddling like it was freezing cold.

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But there was serious purpose for going to the museum, they are removing the dinosaur! The big dinosaur, the iconic dinosaur, the plaster of Paris replica dinosaur that hasn’t been there since the opening but flippin’ well is the most fun thing you’d ever see! Seriously how many buildings do you walk into and come face to face with large diplodocus skeleton? This is The Dinosaur, the first dinosaur I recognised in my childhood, the dinosaur that has inspired books and films – including my favourite “One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing”.

In case you couldn’t tell I am not a happy bunny about this. I therefore made a note that I would bring a protest and be photographed next to the beloved dinosaur.

A Protest of Conscience

A Protest of Conscience

Yes it was vaguely embarrassing despite waiting for a ‘quiet’ moment in the main hall. But I did it! And here is the actual protest because you can’t quite see it in the picture.

They're Stealing Our Dinosaur

They’re Stealing Our Dinosaur

au revoir


P.S. Yes I know the dinosaur removal was announced in February I was writing a dissertation I couldn’t upsticks and go protest immediately.

P.P.S. One is aware that one has not posted the final two doodles for the last year, one has many excuses and explanations chief of which is one had decided on the final drawing and then changed ones mind and haven’t done it yet. Its a sad drawing ok! And why I chose to talk like the queen I have no idea.


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