Organising our First Craft Fair (what we learned)

I think it was last summer, I was sitting in a cafe garden with my Sister in law Anna, we were soaking in the sun, and our pancakes were soaking in the maple syrup, and we were saying wasn’t it a shame I couldn’t get a stall at the local fair with my cakes, and wasn’t it a shame that Anna’s job was a big pile of shit. We thought we should do our own craft fair, why not? Anna’s a crafter, I’m a caker, we both like organising things so whats to stop us? Anna’s Job was stopping her a bit, but low and behold after a few more conversations about how the shitness of that job really was starting to get on her wick, she quit. We looked at each other after that and said “about that craft fair then?”

The first step was to google a few boring legal things, but as ours was to be an indoor affair most of that side was taken care of, and then we had to book the venue- a simple matter in our case of me phoning the lady who does our church hall bookings, and since she is a person who’s true loveliness shines out of her, that was not a difficult task.

Stall holders was our next port of call, and here is where I got the willies. We wanted it to be professional looking, yet relaxed and friendly, if we got in proper jobbing crafters they would be expecting a certain standard of fair, and as it was a first time there was every chance of us cocking up. But if we just got our friends and friends of friends in for our first run the whole thing would be a hoot, but might look a bit amateur (no offence friends).

No need to worry as it turned out, my friends are not just all creative geniuses, they know how to present stalls to make them look chic and delightful, and people who mentioned they had this hobby on the side turned out to be masters of their trade.

But then there was advertising. Advertising advertising advertising. It had been rolling around my mind from the first day in the cafe. I knew it could be the be all and end all of a successful day and we had to be on top of it.

We weren’t.

Posters were made, flyers handed out, facebook advertising paid for and free networking taken advantage of. But the truth is not enough of any of it, I think people need to see adverts two or three or even four times before ‘that looks nice’ turns into ‘I’m definitely going to that’, and this is the trick we missed.

That said, when it all came together on the day (and looked spiffing) we did have a respectable trickle of people, all the stall holders saw cash in their hands and everyone seemed to be having a great time. We also learned a great deal about how we would do it better next time, and that’s exactly what we will do, November is the aim for our next, bigger, better altogether more wonderful and this time christmas themed craft fair.

candels wink's cardsAnna cards

books coasters

cupcakes 2 lemon cake Mice


Many thanks to My friend Winkles who went around and took some pictures for us. Stalls wise we had;cake, soy candles, secondhand books, handmade notebooks, mice paintings (coblogger Elinor’s), vintage clothes, felt animals, oil paintings, pottery, jewelry, cards, a children’s activity and a BBQ.

I made 99 cupcakes (just turned out that way) three lemon loves to sell whole, and a red velvet cake that I cut into 12 slices. I truly loved running my stall and managed to sell all but 4 cupcakes, and I think Anna will agree that on the whole organising this was a blast, and maybe if you live in Birmingham UK you might even drop in on us in November?

Gwen x



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4 Responses to Organising our First Craft Fair (what we learned)

  1. It was an absolute delight organising this with you Gwen! It was great fun. Everybody’s stalls looked brilliant and it was great that the stallholders were family and friends. I can’t wait to do it again in November. Wahoo, Christmas fair!

  2. Wish I lived near Birmingham — I would go to your fair in a heartbeat! I hope the next fair does even better.

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