Reorganising the Library

It has been so long since I’ve done proper posts on the blog that I can’t write them anymore without them going to pot. There was actually an entirely different post I wanted to write but I can’t figure out how to write it to make it make sense – as you can see even talking about it has reduced me to utter drivel.

Anyhoo my bedroom is verging on becoming a library, but that’s fine with me – to the point where I am disconcerted when a room doesn’t have a bookshelf in it, its just not natural anyone else with me on this? But earlier this month I was desperately going round my shelves looking for a book which I couldn’t find and just realised exactly how many books I have that I haven’t read and have got lost among the others. And then there are books that belong in series and I want them to all be together mostly so I can have a shelf full of the Discworld books. Though I am a bit annoyed they’ve changed the format of some of the books so they are bigger and look like more respectable books – hmmph! I think I’m going to really need to think about how I’m going to this, I do have quite a few books, so that’s my job for today before I cook my dinner. Fun times.

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Update: I finished the bookshelves and never cooked dinner – I had granola and yogurt at about 1:30am. After three false starts in attempting to actually start reorganising (I kept getting disheartened by the sheer amount of mess on my shelves) and then did my usual of reading bits of books when I wanted a break, in all that prolonged the reorganising to nearly 8 hours. I now have a shelf of books which are my to-be-read lot, a shelf for the books that I want to get rid of, I have five series all together and the piesta resistance I have a whole shelf of Discworld & Co. Now I am organised! And now I shall take over the world!!! Or just make a cup of tea. It does look a little bit odd to me – my book shelves have never looked so neat. I have just realised looking at the pictures that the first shelf above my desk looks no different – it is and it was neatened up considerably but its behind my desk now so I can’t get to much on it so its mostly storing the same books apart from my ones on drawing.

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au revoir



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