Book Haul

No here are a few beauties I’ve picked up lately. I say beauties, the Ian Rankin Book sticks out as a bit of an ugly booky duckling next to these buxom hardbacks, but what can you do? They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but florescent orange font offends my eye balls. I’ll include the prices in case you’re nosy about that kind of thing, these are all secondhand (I only buy new books if I have a voucher, just too pricey), and from independent shops which I find to be a tad more expensive than charity shops for their books but still not bad and it’s good to support these places.

Brighton Rock

  1. Brighton Rock by Graham Green £4

Now this is a lovely specimen, I mean LOOK at the binding, the gold lettering, the fancy borders, this is not just a book for reading, this is a book to carry around for no particular reason other than it makes you feel special. I had heard of the book and the author, but didn’t know either intimately and it peeked my interest rather. Hence the purchase.

2.When Eight Bells Toll by Alistair Maclean £2.50

The only problem with these kinds of old fashioned hard backs is the lack of blurb, if you don’t know what you’re looking for with these, then you don’t know what you’ve found, for there is no helpful plot nutshelling of the back or inside cover. What to do? M’colleague Elinor’s rule to live by is turn to page 72 (or is it 73?) and read that, if you’re griped it’s great, if not, waste of money. Needless to say I as gripped, so if nothing else I know that at least page 72 is good.

Brighton rock 2 Brighton Rock 3

3. Knots and Crosses by Ian Rankin £4

A tad overpriced in my opinion for such a small and offending looking secondhand paperback, but I keep seeing this fella’s works all over the shop and I’m told they are good, so I wanted to have a go at them from the beginning. We’ll see what I make of it.

4. The Island of Sheep by John Buchan £3.50

Possibly the most uninspiring title for a action romp ever penned, but this is in the same series of the famed ‘The 39 Steps’ which I read a few months ago. I was in a Scotland, I got carried away.

Well that’s the lot, have you been buying books lately?




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  1. Its page 73! Always page 73 though can’t remember why I ever chose that number…but it works 🙂

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