Sidle in Stage Left

Oh I am apparently back. The internet has return-ed over a week ago now, so exciting things can start to happen soon – once I get taught some basics. I am not a little bored right n0w, I have been writing a job application and its very, very hard. I am British, as Britishly British can be and I seriously hate talking about myself for job applications. I can’t even take prise well, one of my tutors found it hilarious that every time she said something I’d written was good I would make this really worried face. I was trying to look happy and clearly failed. Is this one of those initiation things that you have to do to become a real adult? Trying desperately to be a proper adult and yet all I can think every time I look at the job title I’m applying for is part of Much Ado About Nothing:

“He was wont to speak plain and to the purpose, like an honest man and a soldier, and now is he turned orthography; his words are a very fantastical banquet, just so many strange dishes.” (ActII Scene3)

When I were a lad you were a ruddy guide plain and simple, or ticket officer or café assistance (which this job description seems to entail). I mean seriously why do we have to have so many new and fantastical names for jobs that previously could have been described in their title. We can see how bored I am, I honestly just looked up the quote in my copy of Much Ado, can’t I just sit there and quote Shakespeare at them? And I’m at that point of boredom where anything else seems a good thing, I did just spend half and hour rearranging the fridge to accommodate the new shopping which could have been stuffed in anywhere but I went with it. The only thing stopping me from vacuuming my room at the moment is that we have neighbours and thin walls. It’s also become really cold in the house, I have been in a woolly jumper, scarf and fluffy socks all day with a near constant supply of tea – just to point out the chillyness I saw the meece curled up at the corner of my bed having stolen a pair of my socks.

Desperate Attempts at Keeping Warm

Desperate Attempts at Keeping Warm

au revoir



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