Exciting News this way comes!

Twice now I have alluded to exciting things happening soon and it’s all finally come together and begun to float:

I have an Etsy Shop!!! If you have ever thought you might have wanted a picture of the meece or any other critter that happens to pop along now you can at a small establishment called Middletons Meece From this small corner of the interweb I shall conquer the world with whimsical drawings!

Open for Business!

I now have a Twitter and a Facebook page for the Meece to explore all there shenanigans, so they will no longer parade about on the blog as Weekly Doodles and there are no more Weekly Doodles. (Let’s be honest here – this is a relief to anyone who even cares an ounce about time keeping, including me, given how late they usually were.) So if you’re day is a bit grey and dull and you’ll feel in need of a smackerel of the ridiculous you’ll know where to find it.

What will appear on the blog (and facebook with behind-the-scenes on Twitter) is a new monthly series “The History Meece”. As I am now a fully-fledged Historian (I can officially say that now, I think) I have been the honest neighbour and made my art and history friends. I have already got twelve history events for the Meece to have some with, so they are set up currently for a twelvemonth – occasionally I can be on the ball.

Having bumbled along with this idea sitting in the back of my head for about two years it’s slightly horrifying in a marvellous way that it’s all coming together, and owes a fair amount to being metaphorically kicked up the backside by various people to which much thanks is owed.

au revoir


About Gwen and Elinor

Two bloging buddies who love tea and biscuits.
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