Craft Fair Update

I dreamed last night that no one came. It seems to be a bit of a pattern with me, I’m organising something, all is going swimmingly, but even so I dream a disaster scenario. I refer you to the time I was organising a posh dinner party, I dreamed of everyone turning up really early and all I had to give them was cheese puffs. Nightmare.

P1170347 - Copy
Anyway we can hope it’s not an oman because we have put in efforts to really get butts through the door, leaflets have been printed and my younger siblings roped in to post the through doors. Turns out some letterboxes are really hard to get things through, they seem to be equipped with brush heads on the inside, I don’t know if that’s to stop people posting dog poo through or what but it put a stop to some of our leaflets I can tell you. I as tempted to get the kids to really shove them in but was afraid I’d end up with an eight-year-old girl with her arm stuck in the neighbour’s letter box. You really shouldn’t try and post your siblings. I’ve also arranged to have a notice but in the church bulletin, plus facebook mithering of all our friends and relations.P1170049

P1170352 P1170357 P1170359
I’ll be selling cake, as I did last time, but also I bought six different types of wholesale sweets and packaged them up as lovely little stocking fillers (for it is a Christmas craft fair), I did just over half in cellophane bags with red ribbon or twine, and the rest became little Victorian style parcels in brown paper, which if I do say so myself look rather adorable. They took a good few hours to put together, but it had a very Christmas eve wrapping session feel about it that I rather enjoyed.

If you live in the Birmingham England vicinity then do pop in.


Previous craft fair post here.


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1 Response to Craft Fair Update

  1. ScribblingParrot says:

    I’m planning on using brown paper bags this year. Your pictures are so perfect. I will definitely push this idea.

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