And in she fell like a drunken water-buffalo


Owie…no I’m not drunk (despite the title of this post it refers more to reappearance on the blog after long absence – it amused me) No I’m not drunk but I feel like the interwebs are slowly frying my brain. I struggle trying to juggle my now enlarged presence on the internet as well as being somewhat busy myself in the real world.

I have been painting, a rather large painting; my usual size of work is 6×4 inches or 5×7 inches, so naturally the next step should logically be to size up to 6×3 metres. I will point out not in watercolour it was poster paint. What was I painting at the size – not a massive meecum tea-party but a pantomime back drop for “Babes in the Wood”. It was quite fun if rather painful at times between realising on the test piece that I was working on that all the green was drying instead of a lovely mossy greenish-yellow was drying brilliant neon and splodging paint in a somewhat leaf like appearance on a canvas for 6 metres by 2 metres. My right arm hurt so much the next morning!

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The director then liked the test piece I did so much that they wanted another one to hang on the flats. That led to some interesting working conditions for me as the light had gone in the utility room. I am particularly proud of my sign it does look like I nicked it off the M5 – and I got one in there were supposed to be more in the trees referencing jokey places but the director thought it would “distract from the performance”. I refrained from pointing out to him that this was a pantomime not the RSC’s latest production of Othello. And of course I snuck a mouse in – only visible to the actors but they liked it.

The job hunting continues interspersed with me getting dropped into things e.g. painting pantomime scenery. My Dad has also managed to drop me in it as a statue restorer! This is an idea he had and thought that it would be fantastic thing for me to do and I’d be able to do it easily. So of course he mentioned it to our parish priest who then promptly handed him a statue of the Virgin Mary for me to repair! This was at Christmas time and she stayed on the breakfast bar to two days until I got too worried she would fall off so she’s now spent nearly 3 months down the side of the sofa swathed in bubble wrap. And now it turns out this is a gift to a doctor he knows and they want it roughly in the next two weeks. Cheers Dad! Thanks for that. I should probably go and unwrap Mary and start figuring out what I should do with her.

au revoir


P.S. If you the miss the meece you can catch up with their antics over on Twitter or Facebook – they did a whole Nativity which kept me rather busy. 

P.P.S. I don’t know what’s wrong with the pictures but I’ll figure out how to fix it – when I took them they looked alright

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